Umbrellas in the Rain

Umbrellas are mushrooming everywhere,
Huge silhouettes clutching small umbrellas,
And tiny people hiding beneath large ones.
As a disguise imposed by the rain,
Umbrellas hide their owner’s identity.
Dark tones and vivid colors, solids, prints,
Featuring artistic scenery or festooned edges,
Umbrellas do look like flowers in motion,
Adding a cheerful note to a gloomy landscape
Where sunshine is nowhere to be seen.
They decorate the campus like nothing else could.
As people hurriedly proceed to their daily tasks,
Waves of umbrellas flood the campus,
Protecting books, papers, and clothes.
Grasping their umbrellas as if their lives
Depended on it, people, young and old,
Try to avoid drenching their possessions.
Sometimes, despite the sheltering umbrellas,
They get soaked to the bone; they rush and hurry,
Dripping wet like a fish that jumped out of the sea…

© Djehane Hassouna, 2005

Rainbow of Emotions, page 51

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