Interrupting the uniformity of the golden sand,
Seashells of all shapes and colors such as calico
Scallops and banded tulips, scattered on
The beach, place their mark on the seascape.
Collecting the sounds of the sea in their depths,
Adding a bright touch of orange or pink
To the monotonous beige of the shore,
Reflecting the waves, evoking the seafloor,
A reminder of the life they no longer enclose…
Like a broken necklace whose beads are sprinkled
Everywhere, like the days of our lives, different
And yet, somehow similar, like leaves fallen off
A tree when pushed by a turbulent wind;
Empty containers of pearls or other treasures,
Indicating the unpredictable rebellion of an angry
Sea, battering its shores with waves, hurling colorful projectiles,
With the persistent violence of a fire-breathing dragon!

© Djehane Hassouna, 2007

Rainbow of Emotions, page 58

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