My Name

I chose my name; therefore, I like it.
It’s easy, yet unusual! Once you get
Used to it, you will never forget it...
I have some friends who kept on
Practicing until they finally
Mastered its pronunciation.
Where does “Djehane” come from?
In Persian, it means the universe;
It is used in Turkey, Iran, and Egypt.
In India, it is a man’s name.
It was also used in France in the Middle Ages:
Joan of Arc was called Sainte Jéhanne;
The spelling was slightly different back then.
My name has a silent D at the beginning.
Why? Just to add a touch of individuality.
It’s my name and it describes me.
I am no saint, but I love Joan of Arc.
She was so special! So am I!
Aren’t we all, in some respect? Yes, indeed!
It’s easier for me to remember names
Than to remember faces.

© Djehane Hassouna, 2004

Rainbow of Emotions, page 3

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