My Friend the Sea

On the Sea of my dreams, I endlessly float.
From the abyss to the sky, there is only one path;
The spirit soars, taking its flight to the stars...
Golden sunshine and blue crystal in motion;
The waves, carrying the imagination afloat,
Inspire, amaze, mesmerize with their charm:
A peaceful quiet accompanied
By the whisper of white noise,
A sweeping movement suggesting
The permanence of a lifetime,
Drowning my worries and my fears,
Providing relief and conveying hope.
The water, evaporating into clouds,
Rise to Heaven, carrying my soul
Connected to the soul of the Sea.
As I capture that exceptional momentum,
I radiate confidence and assurance
Since the powerful Sea is my friend.

© Djehane Hassouna, 2005

Rainbow of Emotions, page 57

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