The dark sky is wearing its party dress
Embroidered with moon and stars.
Whether it is a crescent or a full moon,
The magical appeal of Diana’s satellite
Is irresistible and fascinating!
The moon casts a soft glow upon
The landscape: trees and lawns shimmer
In the night; leaves whisper in the breeze,
Murmuring soft and enchanting melodies.
Nocturnal birds emit their warning signal,
And frogs keep croaking desperately,
Intoxicated by the moonlight reflected
By each ripple of water in the pond.
Like a jeweled crown in the sky, the moon
Seems to regulate the soft gliding of clouds
As well as the position of stars and constellations.
It also inspires and awakens poetic vision.
The moon is definitely the heart of the celestial
Dome in the deep darkness of the night!

© Djehane Hassouna, 2006

Rainbow of Emotions, page 42

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