Let Me In

Lady Liberty! Lady Liberty! Let me in…
Give me a break: I need the freedom to be myself.
I came a long way. My luggage is heavy:
I’m bringing a heart full of friendship, full of love,
I’m bringing the enigmatic smile of the Pharaohs,
And the bright eyes of the Mediterranean shores.
I’m bringing an inquisitive mind, a thirst for knowledge.
I’m bringing my tenacity, my faith, and my courage
That followed the elusive mirage of freedom
That appeared in the desert sand.
I am not alone: my daughter and best friend,
Walking and waving at friends while always smiling,
Enjoying the snow, the sunshine, and the summer breeze,
The green parks where squirrels play and chipmunks hide,
Where secular oaks shelter the peregrine falcons.
Alas! I’m also bringing the weariness of old age:
The hesitant step, the weakening eyesight, the panting breath.
I’ve waited too long. I may not get another chance!
Lady Liberty! Lady Liberty! Please, let me in!

© Djehane Hassouna, 2004

Rainbow of Emotions, page 146

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