Lady Liberty

Twice, she stretched out her arms to me,
Twice, she gave me a push forward,
And helped me find my goal.
While I was a young girl graduating from high school,
She handed me her torch to illuminate my path,
And guided my first steps in life:
I learned to walk alone, to study, to work.
I learned to cook and to sew, to buy and to sell.
I learned the universal language of Freedom.
She taught me things I already knew:
To laugh and to cry, to accept and to refuse,
Taking into account my options in life.
Then I left...

For thirty long years, I longed for
Her face and her name!
And I cried while laughing,
And I laughed while crying,
Holding my child in my arms,
Teaching her what I was taught,
Promising her the same experience as mine

I am back once more,
Older, yet not necessarily wiser,
Carrying the sweetest load of all,
Guiding my daughter on the path of Liberty.
The both of us now on her territory,
Studying, working, making choices,
Enjoying even the hardships of freedom.
Thankful and Grateful for a dream come true.
A different but happy life:
Studying and smiling,
Working and smiling,
Driving and also smiling,
Lit by the inner glow of self-reliance,
Confidence, and determination,
Feeling the thrill of responsibility.

Yes! Grateful and Free,
But for how long?
How long will Lady Liberty continue
Stretching out her arms to us?

© Djehane Hassouna, 2002

Rainbow of Emotions, page 147

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