A comet slashes through the dark sky,
Culminating into a glistening explosion
Of colorful sparks Like a bouquet of glitters
Illuminating the celestial Dome, it displays an
Assemblage of green with gold and silver with blue.
Sometimes the crackling effect features all the
Colors of the rainbow; it is indeed a fascinating
Sight accompanied by an ear-splitting succession
Of shots. A splendid manifestation of
The artificial enhancing the natural.
I can see the clouds behind those lights
As they linger in the dark sky, shielding the moon
At times, and retreating into a corner at others...
Gone is the nocturnal tranquility, shattered by these
Sounds and lights: forceful, overwhelming, aggressive,
Imposing themselves upon the viewer, eliciting
awe and admiration as these speedy and loud glitters
Make their way towards my window, unwilling to stop,
Intent on following their path, unbending, unyielding,
Determined to stay the course! Clinging to my windowpane,
I remain enthralled until the night reclaims its silence!

© Djehane Hassouna, 2005

Rainbow of Emotions, page 69

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