In a luminous sky of Wedgwood blue,
Clouds hang over houses and trees;
The dictionary calls them stratus or cumulus;
I call them cotton balls or cotton shreds.
Breaking the monotony of uninterrupted blue,
They add a peaceful dimension to its depth.
Their mountainous silhouettes shield the sun,
Gathering in one spot, scattering in the next,
Just as the most elaborate embroidery does.
They glide gracefully on the azure background,
Their lacy contours adorning the blue sky;
They resemble planes, animals, and sometimes ships.
At times dense and at others feathery, their aspect is
Both mysterious and enchanting; clouds are
Soft pillows for Angels as they pray;
They indicate the gateway to Dreamworld,
Where the gentleness of dreams flourishes
And a magical enchantment reigns.
I, too, dream of floating among the clouds!

© Djehane Hassouna, 2005

Rainbow of Emotions, page 48

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