A Witness to Eternity

The Great Sphinx crouches on the desert sand,
Fastening his gaze on a mysterious hereafter.
A witness to Eternity, he appears to be
Indifferent to the Present, like Napoleon,
Obsessed with the past glory of his era;
His sole vision is a Future he is able to predict.
Walled in an immutable silence, keeping the secrets
Of Time and Space as well as Eternal Memory,
His granite eyes can pierce the walls of the Unknown.
Exposed to the elements for four thousand years,
Oblivious to the devastating effect of aging, and
The constant erosion of Time gnawing at his features,
He patiently bears his Fate. Mute, magnanimous,
Insightful, and apathetic, he watches the human circus
Proceed and unfold in a ludicrous minuet,
As people make fools of themselves...

© Djehane Hassouna, 2005

Rainbow of Emotions, page 107

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