What Is War

War is tears; war is fear;
War is error; war is terror;
War is pain and suffering for all.
War is a man-made hell.
War is the end of civilization.
War is living by the law of the jungle.
War is never victory but a constant defeat.
War is a stain on the face of History.
War is rewriting humanity in blood and tears.
War is ratified vandalism, a doomed legacy.
War is a blot on the conscience of Man.
War drives us back to the Stone Age.
Although war is far away,
I can hear the rumbling of explosions,
The detonations of grenades and missiles;
While people are dying for no reason,
I can see flames engulfing the horizon,
I can feel the horror of a blood bath:
It all reverberates into my existence.
I bid adieu to a peaceful conscience…

© Djehane Hassouna, 2005

Rainbow of Emotions, page 151

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