The Sun is Back

The Sun is back! Warming up the Earth,
Brightening the flowers and the trees,
Encouraging the soul, generating smiles,
Defrosting hearts and minds…
The Sun is back, and every object takes on
A new dimension: more visible, more evident,
Actually bathed in golden sunlight.
Now I can see shades and shadows;
Now I can see the world as a radiant
Entity, lit by a celestial glow, a special candle,
A river of light flowing over creatures and things,
A waterfall of sun rays cascading from the sky,
Chasing the darkness away…
Making the sea transparent, the leaves shinier,
The birds happier, people more dynamic,
Cars brighter, and buildings more obvious!
Is the Sun going to retreat again? Absolutely!
Otherwise, how could we differentiate
Between sunshine and darkness?

© Djehane Hassouna, 2007

Rainbow of Emotions, page 43

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