The Invisible Enemy

Death is roaming around…
Riding on the wave of the corona virus,
A deadly disease actively aiming at ending humanity.
It is deliberately wreaking havoc on the world, thus fulfilling its mission of terror.

The virus is causing suffering in every corner of the world:
People fear what they eat and drink;
They fear what they touch;
They fear the air they breathe;
They fear each other;
Keeping their distance, avoiding crowds,
And washing their hands hysterically.

The virus is rapidly changing the state of the world:
Cities are becoming ghost towns;
Economies are crumbling;
Businesses are closing their doors;
Friendly faces are hidden behind unsightly masks.

Once it captures its prey, the virus does not let go easily,
Causing hospitals to be overwhelmed,
And doctors to send patients away,
Converting recovery into a slow and difficult process.

This tiny enemy is bringing the world to its knees.

We pray God to save humanity:
Please Lord bring healing to those affected by this pandemic!
Please Lord keep us safe and protect us from the deadly virus!
We have enough problems without it…

© Djehane Hassouna, 2020

Private Collection

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