Hatred, Xenophobia, Bigotry!
These are the attitudes of those who fear
Being robbed of their control.
Apocalypse, Explosions, Innocent People dying!
These are the consequences of the barbaric actions
Of those wishing to impose their will.
They retaliate against those whose beliefs
Do not match theirs, bringing endless suffering
To the world around them. It is a contest for power:
“Let’s see who can most spread fear and
Terror! Who can best destroy the world!
Who can better intimidate the people!
Who can demonstrate being most cunning!
Who can undermine trust and confidence!
Who can replace life with death! Progress
With regression! Efficiency with paralysis!
Yes! Let’s see who’s the boss! Let’s see how
Vulnerable you are and how invincible I am!
Let’s see how I can shatter your comfort and
Peace of mind, and replace them with a confused
State of panic! Let’s see how I can devastate,
Destroy, and annihilate, reducing the world to rubble!”
What is all this nonsense about? Aren’t we all human beings?
Aren’t we brothers in pleasure, pain, hope, and despair?
Don’t we have the same fears, the same dreams?
Don’t we cringe in front of danger and misery?
Don’t we all have a free will that needs to be respected?
Yes! Cain! You’re killing your brother Abel all over again!

© Djehane Hassouna, 2005

Rainbow of Emotions, page 152

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