Sun and Moon

Brightening the dark sky with a soft light,
The moon usually shines during the night.
Today, while the sun was still high
In the sky, we saw the moon, a pale
Moon hanging up there like an ornament in
The blue sky, intriguing, confusing, unsettling!
What is it doing there now at such a time of the day?
Why doesn’t it appear at night as it usually does,
Instead of surprising us with its simultaneous occurrence
With the sun? Well, it could be a sign! If the Sun and
Moon can collaborate, thus featuring an astronomical
Understanding, then why can’t human beings do the same?
Regardless of what continent they are from,
Regardless of their religion, language, or race!
If the Sun and the Moon can peacefully coexist,
Then there is hope for Humanity. All is not lost, after all!

© Djehane Hassouna, 2006

Rainbow of Emotions, page 38

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