From the twelfth floor of the Kaufmann's Building,
A bright horizon joins land and sky.
The green hills of Pennsylvania are covered
With clouds filled with the liquid gold of sunlight.
Among the trees, tiny houses and huge buildings
Shelter smiles and tears, hope and dismay;
Nearby, the river glides, reflecting
Either a bright sunshine or a dark sky,
Symbolizing the flow of life where the sequence
Of days is never the same: C'est la vie!
Disruption of a circle of friends, a pattern of events,
An enjoyable activity: Bye Bye Rehab!
Sadness like a dark cloud invades our soul.
Gone will soon be the happy days of reunion,
The tightly woven community of friends,
So diverse, and yet so similar; the kind staff
Who oversaw, supervised, helped and assisted us.
We counted on them, and they delivered:
Competent and kind advice leading us to Recovery,
Fitness and Health! Bye Bye Rehab!

© Djehane Hassouna, 2003

Private Collection

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