A continuous stream keeps pouring from the sky;
The trees and vegetation are satiated: the earth
Is no longer parched, and leaves are no longer dry.
Nature is celebrating its constant rejuvenation;
It will be cleansed from every particle of dust;
The leaves will glisten once the sunshine is back;
The flowers, the plants get their share of moisture;
The pond is recharging its water content; cars are also
Getting a bonus wash: pure raindrops from Heaven!
The sky is grey; the sun has a leave of absence; one huge
Cloud seems to cover the earth, and tirelessly, relentlessly,
The raindrops keep falling down, drenching everything
In their passage: stones and buildings are washed; once
The sun starts shining again, everything will be bright and
Spotless! We should thank the rain for such a complete
Polishing project, although it is bad for books and shoes.

© Djehane Hassouna, 2005

Rainbow of Emotions, page 49

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