My Grandfather

Like a time machine, his picture brings back
The years and the days; it also brings back
The conversations and the sweet reminiscences.
The patience of my grandfather knew no bounds.
Encouraging and appreciative, he listened for hours
To my complaints, to my hopes and dreams, to a
Future we envisioned together. I trusted him and
He believed in me. Not once did he blame me as
I poured out my worries and concerns; he never
Told me that I was wrong; he taught me to love
Books and read poetry. Thanks to him, Victor Hugo
Became my teacher and mentor Thus, I turned into
An advocate of the highest moral values that could
Ever be. It’s a fact that I was at odds with the rest
Of my entourage who had a different concept of life,
But I felt at peace with myself, and grateful to my best
Friend, my grandfather, who left me with a legacy of
Knowledge and cherished memories, providing hope
As well as guidance during a bumpy and merciless life!
My grandfather was a gentleman by all accounts!

© Djehane Hassouna, 2005

Rainbow of Emotions, page 5

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