Illness is definitely a drawback: it prevents you from
Progressing, from reaching your most important goals,
From achieving your objectives, from leading an active
And fulfilled life. It is a barrier between you and living!
Whether you like it or not, you play the part of a guinea
Pig who is given new medicine as an experiment or a test.
The cures for illness are either clearly ineffective or
Not available. Rather than restoring your health, drugs
Could damage your immune system if they interact negatively
With other drugs… Illness means spending your time
At the hospital, going from one doctor to the next,
From one pharmacy to the other… Illness means facing
Life with weaker weapons, with less audacity, less courage,
And, above all, with less hope for the Future,
With a less vivid smile, a more hesitant step,
A darker mood, and finally, with less love of life!
Illness interferes with accomplishing great deeds,
With enjoying life, and with being yourself at all times…

© Djehane Hassouna, 2007

Rainbow of Emotions, page 128

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