Heat Wave

Extremely warm weather may be unpleasant;
Nevertheless, it helps you unwind. Somehow,
Your problems melt in the heat of the sun;
You stop brooding about unpleasant things;
You surrender to the apathy generated by
The warm atmosphere; you are no longer
Tense or irritable; the sun has this remarkable
Result on people: it is relaxing!
Sun rays have a cleansing effect on the psyche:
It helps you get rid of stress. After all, doctors
Know what they are talking about when they
Recommend walking. I find myself creating errands
So my problems would disperse along the way,
Like Tom Thumb, who scattered his bread
Crumbs along his path in the forest,
To avoid losing his way. Unlike him, I will never
Attempt to retrieve my problems, hoping they’ll
Disappear, away from me, never to be found again.
I experience a peaceful feeling of calmness, serenity,
And soothing tranquility produced by the sun…

© Djehane Hassouna, 2005

Rainbow of Emotions, page 44

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