My right to choose is the core of my Freedom:
I may choose, select, pick, opt or decide;
Otherwise, I’m neither free nor alive…
Choosing is a human right: if I’m ever denied
This right, I’m no longer a free human being!
I choose what I like: my career, my hobbies,
My friends, my mate, what makes me comfortable,
What my heart desires. I also choose whatever I can do
Best, that which is attuned to my inclinations.
My Freedom resides in being myself, in accomplishing
My wishes. Freedom may isolate me: it is a solitary
Endeavor, yet it is worth the trouble. It takes an
Adventurous soul to venture into the land of Freedom,
Despite its hardships; nonetheless, Freedom is a heavenly
Feeling! Freedom does not mean being like everyone else:
It represents what I stand for! Freedom cannot be
Handed to you! It is something that you carve for yourself!

© Djehane Hassouna, 2007

Rainbow of Emotions, page 135

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