Snow hasn’t made up its mind yet:
It is not consistent but rather hesitant.
Like butterflies, flurries swirl in the cold air;
They waltz for a while before settling
On the ground and disappearing into thin air.
Their very survival is still in question:
Where is the thick carpet of snow covering the streets?
Where is the shiny white powder dusting the branches?
The silent, persistent, steady flow, piling up on buildings?
In the early stages of winter, snow hasn’t materialized yet!
It’s still in a state of non-existence!
Sometimes you see traces of snow on the sidewalk
Or slippery accumulations of ice, refusing annihilation
And insisting on making their presence a reality until
They become an overwhelming majority as the winter
Party of cold and snow establishes its absolute rule
Over people and things… I love snow, even if it turns
Me, unmistakably, into a snow woman!

© Djehane Hassouna, 2005

Rainbow of Emotions, page 52

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