Looking back into my Past, I detect
Two spheres, side by side:
One as dark as a nightmare,
Hosting unpleasant memories,
And the other like a golden cloud,
A Dreamworld that helped me survive.
I took refuge in the rosy sphere,
Ignoring the scary one, unaware
Of all that which Realworld held in store
For the innocent child I was.
I embraced songs and melodies,
Turning a deaf ear to the screaming
Monsters of my reality,
Allowing Happiness to reign,
Blessed with an artificial feeling of security.

Now that awareness has settled in,
I ponder about what lies ahead
While my prayers rise to the skies, crying,
Imploring, pleading, asking Heaven for guidance:
Will the future emulate Illusion or Reality?
Realworld or Dreamworld?

© Djehane Hassouna, 2007

Rainbow of Emotions, page 27

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