Danger Averted

Waiting patiently on the shore, ready
To confront the mountainous waves of
The Sea of Contempt, ready to defy,
To challenge, to attack also if need be,
You find yourself dragged by a hostile current.
Rolling with the waves, hitting the rocks,
Vulnerable, helpless, unable to resist,
Bleeding and watching your blood mixing
With the water of an unleashed sea,
You shut your eyes, willing to compromise.
Suddenly a bird dives down to rescue
You from the jaws of death:
A promise of salvation, a respite from danger,
You are lifted to the sky while the abyss
Is robbed of its prey. Elevation…
On the wings of victory, you soar to new heights,
Crying, praying, thanking, with sincere relief:
Danger averted; Death turned away; Hope
Reinstalled. What a unique experience!
The enemy is crushed for good!

© Djehane Hassouna, 2005

Rainbow of Emotions, page 66

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